Sam Winchester
"When I think about my destiny...when I think about how I could end up.... I needed to think that there was something else watching too, y'know? Some higher power. Some greater good. Then maybe I...maybe I could be saved."

January 2009
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"The more people I save, the more I can change."

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"It's not food anymore, Dean, it's Darwinism."

Sam Winchester
#241: What principles are sacrosanct in your opinion?

"What principles are sacrosanct in your opinion?"
Theatrical Muse

Saving people. Hunting things.

Sacrosanct principles... I'm trying to hold onto them - onto what Dad and Dean taught me, onto the principles that let us do what we do. I'm trying to remember that good is better than evil, that the ends don't justify the means, that we're fighting to save lives - to save the world now - and that it all means something. I'm trying to keep these things in the forefront of my mind and not lose it in amongst the grief.

But how is it fair? How is it worth it when we've fought to keep the dark and evil at bay, letting people sleep and live and be happy but we don't get to do any of that. How is it fair that we've saved so many lives but my whole family's gone.

It's so hard to remember what we're fighting for and why we fight the way we fight. It gets harder everyday to remember why I don't give in to the darkness building inside or just let go, flip that switch and learn to use these powers to save Dean.

But they're principles Dad and Dean taught me. These are the principles so many good people died for. I've just got to remember them and never lose sight of their importance. Because these principles are what will get me through.

Save lives - that's what we do.


Muse: Sam Winchester
Word Count: 234
Fandom: Supernatural
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